DOWNKORE X Carolina Dalfo™ Launch Collection - The Inspiration

DOWNKORE X Carolina Dalfo™ Launch Collection - The Inspiration

The name of our brand DOWNKORE is inspired by the resilience and strength of the international dance community. Through ups and downs, our dancers and studios inspire the world through artistic movement, collaboration, and solidarity. DOWNKORE is more than just apparel, we're on a mission to give dancers what they need to show to the world who they are - DOWN to the KORE.

DOWNKORE operates as an innovative retail location that curates the sale of apparel produced by the best dance studios and dancers in the country - soon to be the globe. Our dancer and studio partners represent the heart of our community. The retail space at DOWNKORE exists as a means to support the individuals who lead our dance culture.

As a way to spark things off, DOWNKORE produced a launch collection in collaboration with Carolina Dalfó (designer for Ralph Lauren) - a crossover between the best in fashion and the best in dance. The items in this collection represent the mission of DOWNKORE and the character of the dance community - bold and high spirited. The signature color for this collection is Pantone 226C Magenta, characterizing the prominence and vibrance of the world's dancers. The launch of this collaboration represents the beginning of dance's movement from the "background" to the frontlines of the world's attention.

Be a part of the movement.

See Carolina's work on her website.

DOWNKORE's logo is designed by Camille Gwise. Check out her portfolio.

Paulo Tonn is the camera behind all of our photos. See his profile.

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